Organic Royal Jelly X 3.5 Oz

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Many of you have probably seen or even purchased Royal Jelly “in honey” and this is how it is normally sold. Our Organic Royal jelly is NOT in honey and is sold in its PUREST form, all you get is PURE Organic Royal Jelly! Consuming Royal Jelly in honey negates many of its amazing properties and can be equated to simply eating honey, it can also have some serious gastro-internal effects because of the PH balance being off. Royal Jelly is produced by the worker bees in order to provide the queen with high-quality exclusive food. Royal jelly is also the richest source in pantothenic acid found in nature, it is responsible for vitality, longevity and fecundity (Fertility) of the queen bee. Benefits of consuming royal jelly include (but are not limited to); improved mental/physical ability due to the pantothenic acid, rejuvenating attributes which can regulate and strengthen the glandular system, as well as producing new cells.