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More and more people give their lives to obesity. How to stop in time a disease that can lead to death? The pro-diet anti-obesity campaigns and grew up with over the years. However, numbers, far from being positive, still alarming. "There are different schools that stigmatize several points in diets. Between us specialists there are marked similarities. One of them is the assurance that we are pandemic. In approximate figures, 68% of people are overweight and obese, This means that one in four is obese. "

People who gain weight or suffer lifelong obesity risk entering a difficult comfort zone out. "Do not move therefore not perspire, do not run: the body wants to feel comfortable and who gained weight pulls up and in such bad food that was given, it decomposes." This is where the first error occurs. The body goes to believe that with the happy brain the body is healthy. And it's the opposite

"Addictive circuits are indubitable, where the brain has two options: to decide in the center of logic or through emotions So when the countervailing taste displacer takes life and starts to eat for pleasure appears. in itself, without which a person has passed something bad in your life "

Different kinds of people with obesity:

On the one hand, are placed in a group for those who suffer from childhood obesity is a product of poor diet or genetic load. In the other, the "fattened" those individuals who began to gain weight from adolescence and transmits negative habits. "Eating generates a groove both in memory and can not be without what you eat, as if something genetic".

Some nutritionists who are against the demonization of food confused messages. They tell people: 'Why do not you go eat a chocolate?', And forget that perhaps that person is addicted to chocolate. Of course you give a patient the chance to eat a bit, but as long as can deal with that food. the causes of food bombardment that led to exceed 10% of fat in the world in the 60s to almost 40% today if it appears from that consumption decontrol arise.

The figures differ and no reliable statistics are observed in many countries, demonstrating the remarkable lack of serious studies regarding obesity, that sickens and results in the death of many people.

"Do this diet is a success"

That phrase detests !!! ... mainly because it is a mistake to pursue a diet plan or a food magazine that gave positive results to someone else. "Every human being must be addressed to a specialist and there define the process to be followed. It is good to make weight lower than it might have and not be a little less fat. That will eventually resumed. If Fleets in midwater, volvés back to the surface. "

In the same vein, "the comfort that seen in people is really worrying Many think. 'My wife loves me, my kids are great, I have a nice house, I do well economically' Those thoughts belong to someone delivered.. because the main error is to believe that a fat is doomed ".

Eager search results in the short term, a significant number of obese people access invasive methods without consulting a dietary plan how it would work in your life. Food and healthy behaviors. "The denial mechanism makes it very bad fat. You have to be helped by relatives and understand that weight loss is to improve health".